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Picture your dream church. There is plenty of parking, plush seats, the people are friendly and welcoming, plus there is an energy about the place that is undeniable. Your kids love it, the coffee is strong & hot and the music is even the perfect volume. Everything is exactly the way it should be. But, what if you looked closer, beyond the myth in your head? The truth is, failure is part of the picture of any church, just as it is part of the picture of any individual life. This seems like bad news until one realizes the news that comes with it. This good news truly makes all the difference and turns even the darkest of days into the best day of our lives. Let’s explore this together. Songs used in this service include: "Unstoppable God" by C. Brown, S. Furtick and W. Joye, "Every Beat" by M. Hammitt, P. Wickham and S. Condrey, "Glory Bound" by C. Stevens, H Bentley and M. Maher and "Best Day of My Life" by Z. Barnett, J. Shelley, M. Sanchez, D. Rublin, S. Goodman and A. Accetta.

Stories of Life Change: