Latest Service:

In this service we will hear from Kristin Whitworth, Research Scientist for the University of Missouri. She, and her husband Jonathan, have a passion for foster parenting and adoption. Currently, they have one adopted child and three foster children in their home. Along with their four biological kids, their children range in age from 5 months to 15 years old; four of them 2 years old and under. We’re excited to hear some of Kristin’s story. Matt Kearns will close the service for us this weekend. Songs used in this service include: "Let The Praises Ring" by L. Brewster, "Every Beat" by M. Hammitt, P. Wickham, S. Condrey, S. Mosley and S. Fee, "Wonder" by J. Houston and M. Crocker and "Where You Belong" by K. Kimmel.

Stories of Life Change: