Latest Service:

Jon Lepinski continues the series entitled A CONVERSATION in this service sharing about how God uses "God Moments" to grow us. These moments come into our lives in a variety of ways. Sometimes they are unmistakable like a piano falling on our heads. Other times, perhaps most of the time, these moments are more subtle. God can use these moments to grow us. This growth draws us toward God which inevitably leads us to a clearer understanding of our true selves along with a stronger connection with those around us. We hope you'll join us! Songs used in this service include: "Furious" by J. Riddle, "I Belong To You" by S. Mizell, J. Moore and A. Mosley, "Your Love Defends Me" by M. Maher and H. Kerr and "Because of You" by J. Harrison, J. Hall and M. Gilder.

Stories of Life Change: