We have various projects happening constantly outside the walls of Woodcrest. Please contact Kathleen Brown to be added to the group for invitations to current projects.


  • Assembing Bedtime Bags for Foster Children on April 11
  • Simpson Chapel Workday May 5th
  • Stuffing Gift Bags for Coyote Hill Fundraiser Golf Tournament on May 10

Dollar Club

We’re announcing the first recipient of the Woodcrest Dollar Club this weekend. Come see how just one dollar can make a significant impact on our community outside the walls of the church.

Do you know of someone in need? We are accepting nominations for individuals or families that may find themselves in a tough spot. This might include the need for help paying medical bills, getting a car repaired, keeping the heat on, etc. Stop by the Welcome Center on either campus to pick up a nomination form. Or, download it here.


+ Woodcrest Roast - from Honduras

At Woodcrest, we want to invite people to sit down and have a cup of coffee with friends and talk about spiritual life and spiritual health. Our coffee is a way to express that we are a community enjoying worship and good company. Then, we found another purpose.

The people of Honduras are subject to some of the worst living conditions in the world. Great Commission Latin America (GCLA), centered around their partnership with the local church, provide food relief, housing, children's centers, and education programs. They are also committed to economic development so that they are not only providing support but a way for communities to lift themselves out of the lowest levels of poverty.

That's where we come in. We have coordinated a direct trade relationship with a coffee grower in Honduras who is using his farm to fund the GCLA and provide for the local community. It is an incredible act of the love and the kindness of Christ. And, we can help.

Every time we drink a cup of coffee at Woodcrest, we are supporting a mission in Honduras that is changing the lives of an entire community. They ship us the beans and we roast them locally, grind them here and serve up a delicious Honduran coffee. Get involved in our coffee roasting & serving teams. You can even take a trip to see the mission in Honduras or get involved with the GCLA. Whatever you do, enjoy our Woodcrest Roast!

Please contact Paula Fontinel for more information about Woodcrest Roast or how to join our roasting or serving team.


Woodcrest Mission Trip to Honduras (PDF)
Email or call Michael or Janette (Wed & Fri at 573-777-3270).