. Weekend Services.

Weekend Services

This past weekend Dr. Rod laid out the parameters for the good life (as Jesus defined it). At heart of that experience, we are challenged to raise the “white flag” and surrender fully to God. Not just in a “one-time give it all over to him” way, but in a daily (even moment by moment) way. We know we have come to this place when we find ourselves regularly asking the question, “God, what would you have me do in this situation? Lead me. Guide me. Help me do your will.”

All of this sounds so compelling when we hear it. It makes sense. We want to do it. But, when we try, we feel resistance. It is almost as though something or someone is working against us. And the answer is - there is! We are in a spiritual battle. We are in a fight. This week we will learn about the nature of the battle we are in and the three distinct battle fronts we face – (1) our own sinful nature, (2) the values and priorities of our culture, (3) the temptation of our spiritual enemies.

Our effectiveness in the battle begins with our awareness of it. Lord, open our eyes!

Fight: Part 1
May 7/8

Fight: Part 2
May 14/15

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Service Times

Columbia South Campus
(2201 W Nifong Blvd)
Weekend Service Times: Saturdays at 6pm, Sundays at 9:15am & 11am
Community Live! Service Times: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 7pm
For more information on our Columbia South Campus. Contact Joni Griffin.

Columbia Northeast Campus
(Hilton Garden Inn: 3300 Vandiver Drive)
Weekend Service Times: Sundays at 11am
For more information on our Columbia Northeast Campus. Contact Tim Davis.

Jefferson City Campus
(3600 Country Club Dr)
Service Times: Sundays at 9:15am & 11am
For more information on our Jefferson City Campus. Contact Heber Mena.

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