. Weekend Services.

Weekend Services

Grief. Loss. Change. Pain. These things often enter our lives like waves. Sometimes they roll in, and they’re small, and we’re able to stand up, hold on and watch as they swirl around us. But other times, grief and loss come crashing in and knock us off our feet. And no matter how hard we try to keep our balance, our world is turned upside down. Where is God in our grief, will we survive the storm and is it even possible to grieve well? We’ll take an honest look at these questions and more in “Waves.”

September 27/28 - Embracing the Pain
Special songs used in service are "Been A Long Day" by Rosi Golan and "Mirrors" by Madilyn Bailey.

October 4/5 - Anticipating New Life

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Service Times

Columbia South Campus (2201 W Nifong Blvd):
Weekend Service Times: Saturdays at 6pm, Sundays at 9:15am & 11am
Community Live! Service Times: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 7pm
For more information on our Columbia South Campus. Contact Beth Bramstedt.

Columbia Northeast Campus (Coming Soon):
For more information on our Columbia Northeast Campus. Contact Tim Davis.

Jefferson City Campus (3600 Country Club Dr):
Service Times: Sundays at 9:15am & 11am
For more information on our Jefferson City Campus. Contact Heber Mena.